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​There is tremendous pressure on Human Resources departments and personnel to work within increasingly tighter budgets and deadlines. The relocation of key employees is one significant function that you can outsource to Radstones without undermining the integrity and infrastructure of your HR facility.
With our network of strategically located Client Managers we are where you need us, when you need us. And when you don’t need us it’s a relief to know we’re not occupying your expensive office space or expecting a salary at the end of every month! 

Each and every relocation is unique which is why we take a great deal of time and care in establishing the needs of everyone involved. ​​Every employee and their family members have their own priorities, concerns and stresses no matter how experienced they are at relocating.
Our role is to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a seamless transition with business and family life continuing without interruption. Radstones operates a network of Client Managers who work locally with your employee and their family from start to finish, ensuring continuity (as well as a friendly face!) when and where it is most needed.

​We are committed to providing our Clients with the service they require and demand.
Each of our Client Managers is trained in the skills needed to fully support your employees. Unlike other companies that tend to operate remotely from a head office, our people live locally to where your staff are moving to and from.
They know the local system and the area, the schools, the restaurants, reliable service providers, the doctors, the dentists and banks and will arrange introductions to the ones whose services are the best fit.
Radstones has developed an enviable supplier chain of carefully vetted third party companies that have proved they can be trusted to deliver the services and products we demand for our Clients. This enables us to introduce and manage reliable lawyers, freight companies, trust and title agents, insurers, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, property managers and valuers/surveyors — and frequently at fee levels generally below market rates. 
Our sole function is to provide corporate relocation solutions that are designed to reduce fuss and disruption to the lowest possible level, ensuring a seamless transfer between locations.
Radstones aim is to:

  • Provide a hands on, team based approach for relocations.

  • Extend your HR team with our highly qualified professionals.

  • Outsource the relocation operation as a complete process management responsibility.

  • Ensure the preservation of transferees' lifestyles.

  • Minimize corporate and individual tax liabilities and costs

​Radstones assumes complete process management responsibility for an organization's relocation operations. We help transferees find the right home, suitable schools, children's day care and senior care if needed. We evaluate cultural, cross-cultural and recreational needs and discuss partner/spousal employment opportunities.
The many cost-of-living issues that may arise in each transferee's new location are carefully analysed and we present a parity statement highlighting net income, housing, vehicles, shopping basket, insurance, tax liability and retirement plans.
Our experienced consultants become an extension of your company's HR Department, ensuring your employees make the transition smoothly. This also ‘frees up’ your HR Department to concentrate on business building processes. Furthermore, by working with our approved third party service providers, your company can reduce the costs associated with moving and storing household goods, as well as the tax liabilities generated through reimbursement programs.
At Radstones, customer service is our watchword. Rather than your transferee being dealt with by an anonymous call center, we provide one Client Manager as a single point of contact and care - for optimum personal interaction.
Our Corporate Relocation Solutions integrate personal one-to-one service with the backup of a multi-national corporation that combine to provide secure and personalized functionality.