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Radstones specialise in arranging all the necessary strategic aspects for deploying an international workforce anywhere in the world. Whether it be employee or independent we manage everything needed to ensure our clients’ business requirements are met and have been successfully doing so since 2001.

Relocation services, employee relocation or workforce mobility include a range of internal business processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location. Like other types of employee benefits, these processes are usually administered by human resources specialists within a corporation.

Radstones processes include domestic residential services where an employee moves within a country as well as international relocation services which include planning for diplomats, managers etc. working abroad. Radstones, as an agency providing relocation services, directs and manages the process of relocation including arranging necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), finding a new house, finding a school for children (education), finding a job for the partner or "trailing spouse", arranging a teacher for the family (language training) and introduce expatriates to the local culture.

Sending an employee to work in another country (sometimes called a "global assignment" in current HR jargon) has carried considerable costs while theoretically opening the potential for financial returns for the employer.

Depending on the size and organisation of a company, different departments, such as finance or human resources, may administer the relocation program. Some may lack any formal programs while others have highly structured processes. Moreover, different operating units may administer different aspects of the program.

Some may manage and execute all of their relocation processes in-house while others use Radstones. We are here for the purposes of saving time, focusing internal resources on company workforce strengths, or for providing better service to each transferee.