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Steve Holden

Managing Director

Steve was brought up in a  military family that relocated 23 times, so it’s no surprise that he ended up running Radstones Relocation – it’s definitely in his blood!


Having founded, built and sold a successful multi-branch property management company, Steve was taking time out in the early 2000’s, when his accountant suggested he might be interested in having a look at a small relocation business that wanted help to expand. He joined Farthingtons, which was re-branded as Radstones to offer a new, fresh name and approach.

After 18 successful years, Radstones has grown to become a global provider of relocation solutions and continues to be guided by Steve’s strong ethics and attention to detail.

Karen Pavey

Head of Client Support Services

Following a career as a top flight PA to senior PLC directors, and then raising her daughter,  Karen went back to work, joining Radstones in 2008 as a Client Support Services Manager.


She swiftly progressed and took on the demanding role of Head of Client Support Services. This entails making sure that all of our Clients receive the full range of services they require, when they need them and where they need them.  


Karen was instrumental in voicing our passion: 


Service you have the right to expect


which continues to underpin our business philosophy today.

Paul Brooke

Head of Global Marketing & Strategies

An experienced Partner/Director with over twenty years’ experience within the prime London property sector. He has an envied reputation for delivering results by working diligently and with integrity.


Paul understands the difference between good and poor practice but also acknowledge there are always going to be ‘grey’ areas and in these circumstances knows how to think out of box to achieve the correct and desired result for all parties involved.

Lesley Nicholls

Head of Human Resources & Compliance Department.

Lesley has worked in the Human Resources sector for over 20 years and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD).


As a specialist HR consultant, she has extensive experience in company appointments and consultancy/project roles within both the private and public sector.

Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of employee Law  enables her to help our Clients develop structured policies that are fair to both the employer and employee.

Manoj Bhatt

Regional Manager, APAC

What Manoj doesn’t know about relocation in the APAC region is not worth knowing.


Having worked in relocation across Australia, NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our management team. Currently based in New Zealand,


Manoj is the go to source for all relocation matters across the APAC region.

Katie MacLarnon

Manager, Global Research Team

Based in Oxford, UK, Katie heads up one of the most vital functions of the whole relocation process.


Whether it is finding a specific property and location, understanding a country’s visa process, or even sourcing a rare cooking ingredient, her team’s in-depth knowledge, vast database and tenacity usually unearths solutions to our Clients’ many and wide ranging needs.


Rarely does a problem stump her!

Helen Cobb

Regional Manager, West USA & Canada

Living in Los Angeles, Helen is ideally placed to support our many Clients moving into and out of the region.


A dedicated relocation specialist, Helen has many years’ experience across the entire north American continent. Her first-hand experience of relocating with her own family provides a unique understanding of the relocation process, ensuring a satisfactory conclusion for every move.