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In addition to Employee Services, Corporate Level Services and Commercial Premises Services Radstones offer a selection of "add on" services that can be selected so that each relocation is tailored to fit as closely as possible with each assignee's needs.

All our relocation consultants understand that one glove does not fit all, hence our willingness to "mix-and-match" and also establish variations on our standard offerings or to create new services based on what our Clients tell us they want and need.

Whatever your requirements please contact us so we can discuss the most suitable solution for you.​


If an assignee is shipping their own furniture it is likely that it will travel by sea and could arrive a few weeks after they do, often up to six weeks!

We can arrange for temporary rented furniture for any period from one week upwards and it will be delivered and installed at the destination property before the employee arrives. 

Furniture packs can include basics such as beds and sofas as well as wall art, table lamps and electrical appliances.

In certain instances, longer term furniture rental is a viable option and can be more cost efficient than either renting a furnished property or purchasing furniture with the resultant disposal problems when the employee is repatriated or moves on to another assignment.


Probably the last thing an assignee wants to do upon arriving at their new home is to shop for groceries. 

Just let us know what foods and drinks are preferred and we will stock the refrigerator shortly before arrival. Special dietary requirements can be catered for including Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, wheat and lactose intolerance.

Your relocation consultant can also make sure there are details available of restaurants and fast food outlets that deliver locally


​ If the property that an assignee is moving to has an overgrown yard or garden we can arrange for contractors to cut grass, trim hedges and bushes and weed flower beds. If there is a pool at the property we can have it cleaned and treated in readiness for arrival


​After discussing colours and schemes with the assignee Radstones are able to manage decorating their new property prior to arrival. We will also arrange for new hard flooring, carpets and drapes (curtains) to be fitted if required. Subject to quotation we will arrange for any repairs needed to be undertaken.

​Although we meet with the assignee at their new property on the day they take possession and explain how all the systems and services work there will be occasions when they would like us to check everything out beforehand. We can arrange for furnaces (boilers), A/C units, central vacuum systems and built in appliances to be safety inspected and serviced in readiness for their arrival.


There are times when children need to travel without their parents being present. This can be a frightening and distressing time for them. At Radstones we have an Unaccompanied Minors program.

One of our trusted Client Managers accompanies the child for their entire journey, collecting them from home or perhaps boarding school and delivering them safely to a responsible adult at the end of their journey.