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​Why have a Relocation Policy?

Simply, it means that all employees are treated with the same respect and support when they need to relocate, and that they understand exactly what resources are available to them

It also means, that by working with us, the employee devotes the majority of their working day doing the job they're paid to do and not spending hours on the internet researching their destination location.

Employment Law differs vastly from country to country, something that may be allowed in the UK might not be in France or China - it is vital that a relocating employee arrives at their destination complying with the Law.

​A Relocation Policy should address these, and many other requirements:

  • What expenses should you pay?

  • Do you have a policy on salary parity?

  • What about spousal and child assistance?

  • Should you recompense your employee for the 'forced' sale of their vehicle?

  • What if vehicles cost less where your employee is relocating?

  • Who pays for a rental property, the corporation or the employee?

  • Tax, Pensions & Health Insurance - who pays, you or your employee?

  • What happens when repatriation is due?

A fully developed Relocation Policy answers these and many other questions you probably haven't even thought about.

Contact us to initiate an informal discussion following which we will be able to prepare a program development schedule and implementation procedure.