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The key to our Clients relocation successes is our understanding of the issues that drive their needs, and then providing them with bespoke solutions and great service.
If there is an existing Relocation Policy we undertake a Relocation Policy Audit. Typically analysing 19 key areas of relocation; each is sub-categorised, resulting in more than 100 individual topics. The many facets of each Clients existing Relocation/Mobility Management policies are thoroughly discussed with HR personnel, Senior Management and relocating employees. This enables us to prepare a comprehensive report focusing on the way forward.
At its most basic level this will help identify where processes can be quickly improved and where immediate cost savings can be made. Ultimately we can work with the findings to help clients develop internal policies and strategies that are transparent and comprehensive.

Our Audit identifies where the existing policy fails to comply with both local and destination legislation, highlighting changes that are needed.
Audit outcomes are highly varied and specific to the nature and needs of an organisation. An outsourced solution is frequently the right decision for many organisations although we may advise a partial split if it benefits the corporation and the assignee. Sometimes it is better to keep relocation support as close to the individual as is practical whilst using us to manage the 3rd party suppliers.