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A couple of the benefits of moving where you live are a change of scenery and new places to explore, and often a fresh new beginning. The reality is that no one likes to do the actual moving part! Moving home continues to incur huge expenditure in terms of personal stress, family stress and the physical packing and then unpacking your possessions in a new place – often weeks later for an international move.

Moving your company has the same issues. In addition, you want to make sure that your key employees are sufficiently motivated to move with you, regardless of the location.

You can help with the stress of moving by showing your people that you care about them. Remember, your employees want to do well at their jobs, but they have to balance a company move with their own life responsibilities -- including how they will physically move while still giving 100% to their jobs, and you.

Here are five tips to show you care, to remove some of the stress and uncertainty of relocating:

1. Regularly communicate with each employee to see how they are doing with moving plans and actively listen to what they have to say.

Remember, you might be the boss, but without them, you don’t have a business! Think about how stressful moving was the last time you did it. Maybe you had someone that you talked at to let off steam. The same goes for your employees.

Make use of all communications channels, set up a company relocation Facebook group so everyone can contribute and share, (Including you) it’s great for checking in and letting your people know that you want to hear what they are going through. You’ll then know where they are in the move process, plus they will be happy you care enough to be interested.

If the move is because of you, as the employer, it’s important to provide regular updates on the actual company relocation plans, including the time frame. If there are logistical problems to overcome - air them, everybody comes up with different solutions to problems, and you’ll probably be surprised at what working as an informed team can achieve.

2. Be their team leader.

It’s always a good idea to offer positive thoughts and let employees know just how much both you and their colleagues appreciate them. It’s also important to regularly reassure them that you empathize with them (After all you’re going through the same move), so they know they can spend some time dealing with the move, and how it impacts their families without feeling guilty about their work.

With so much stress, encouragement and thanks will help them accomplish what they need to do at both work and home in a productive way.

3. Make sure moving tips and advice are readily available.

Set up an information page on your company website that is password protected, but that all relocating employees can access. It should contain useful links, moving hacks, anecdotal stories.

One of the most time-consuming parts of moving is setting up home services like high-speed internet, cable TV, utilities or a new home security service.

You can guide your employees to helpful comparison-shopping sites to help alleviate many of the problems associated with these services. The sites usually make comparison shopping easy and convenient, and they can usually search by zip code/post code or home address and sort results according to the best rates.

There are myriads of overwhelming and confusing moving dilemmas and your employees will really appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to find out about things for them.

4. Remember, they need time and space to get through the move and remain productive.

It’s important to remind your employees that they need to make time to coordinate their move and get packed up, and this includes making sure that all family members (including pets) also have the time and support they need. If you don't make sure they understand this, they will probably still work around the clock plus take on all the extra tasks that go into moving, then net result being that they will become unproductive at both work and home.

Establish schedules so they can balance their work obligations and family commitments. Everyone will benefit and in the long run it will save you time and money, and make your employees feel they are important and needed parts of your corporate family.

Working together with your employees to organize the schedule shows them you want them to have the time they need. This will also remove much of the workflow pressure as well.

5. Provide financial compensation for all relocating employees.

If you’re a start-up you may not be to fully compensate employees at the time of moving, but make sure they understand that there will be realistic benefits to them down track. You can establish achievable personal, group and corporate targets that reward all team members upon achievement.

For established businesses, make sure that employees are not left feeling out-of-pocket from the move and that the buying power of their dollar/euro/pound is as a minimum the same in their new location as it was before they relocated.

Freelancers and contractors choosing to move to stay working with your company should cover their own moving costs, particularly when those costs don't impact the work they can deliver for you. But if you do have freelancers working from your office that you want to make sure you hold on to and can afford to finance some or all of their move it may be of great benefit to you all and the cost is likely to be tax deductible for you. It also shows them that you care enough about them to make the financial and time commitment to them – you’ll be rewarded by their extra commitment back to you!

Above all else, remember this: yes, the stress of moving is a huge headache, but it is very temporary. You, your business and your whole workforce will be back being happily productive in no time at all and Radstones can help you plan and manage everything.

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