Part two on the legal implications of staff relocation.

Step 3: Can you persuade employees to relocate voluntarily?

Relocating existing staff is more likely to be good for business. To ensure continuity, an employer will almost always want a proportion of the existing staff to relocate.

In addition to providing financial assistance to meet the expenses of moving, an employer may wish to offer an additional financial incentive to encourage staff to relocate voluntarily and compensate them for the disruption to their family life (such as changing their children’s schools).

Although at face value a mobility clause may appear to allow the employer to insist that the employee should relocate to the new place of work, in reality such clauses are usually interpreted very narrowly and often against the employer seeking to rely on it.”

Offering a relocation bonus can greatly increase the proportion of employees that voluntarily relocate, whilst also saving on redundancy costs and recruitment and training costs for replacement staff. Voluntary relocation also reduces the risk of expensive, time-consuming legal disputes. Handled well, a voluntary relocation programme can be very cost-effective.

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