HR Departments and Global Mobility Companies need to respond to the challenges.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

HR departments and Global Mobility Companies around the world need to respond to the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus, but how?

There are legal and practical measures not to mention the moral implications of the crisis.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected nearly every continent in the world with with global travel curtailed for the foreseeable future. For many businesses, the challenge is to keep staff who are abroad safe, ensuring they have accurate and up to date information and are fully supported. Managers must also make key decisions on future assignments, balancing the risk to staff against the need to continue business and providing a service to clients.

Consider alternatives to any planned travel for example or carry out meetings via Skype or other similar services. Good "old-fashioned" phone calls frequently present opportunities for in-depth and detailed discussions that encourage real communicating, and are much less likely to be mis-understood as is frequently seen when using emails, texts, WhatsApp etc.

Give it a go, talk to someone today - you might actually make their day!

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