Have work practices and structure permanently changed?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

There are numerous reasons companies decide to relocate, amalgamation, cost savings, expansion, or in some instances  the work practices and structures have changed. In these fast paced times many companies have discovered that working from home for many of its employees actually works! In addition to being an effective recruiting and retention tool, letting employees work from home can save employers money in an abundance of ways:

  • Lower Overheads.

  • Vastly Reduced Turnover of Staff.

  • Increased Productivity. ...

  • Higher Morale. …

  • Access to a wider pool of applicants

  • Financial benefits - savings on office space and other facilities.

  • Better work/life balance - employees working from home can lead to improvements in health and well-being.

  • Environmental Impact. .

There are naturally going to be some disadvantages to employees working at home but most of these relate to those who are predominantly full times at home, as opposed to part of their working week:For the employer there is the difficulty in monitoring performance, increased telecommunication costs and possibly an increased information security risk. Most of this can be overcome by separating time between home and the workplace with scheduled weekly/monthly meetings to keep them fully involved and informed.

Historically, research shows that many workers are actually more productive at home that when they are in the office!

Radstones Relocation can assist in not only finding suitable new premises, but our HR and Legal departments can ensure you take proper steps to protect yourself against any potential breach of contract or constructive dismissal claims which can sometimes happen when changes occur.  Whether you are looking at a short term move to deal with a lack of resources, a temporary transfer or a permanent arrangement we can assist with structuring clear and concise guidance for both managers and staff.

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