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Our Customer Service is all about constantly exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are independent, objective, professional and highly qualified to identify and understand your relocation needs and act within given timescales.

We provide you with a single point of contact and control, simplifying each step of the way and ultimately assuring you receive the best quality and value service for your money.


We will arrange for you and your family to visit the destination area prior to moving, usually collecting you from the airport or hotel.

You will be accompanied throughout your visit  being taken to neighbourhood, schools, recreation facilities, commercial centres, shopping centres and other locations that may be of interest. Your relocation consultant allows up to two full days for orientation visits, these include weekends.

​Ideally, property viewing can form part of the orientation visit, thus providing an excellent opportunity to finalize many of the details in one trip. Rental properties in particular do not normally stay available for very long in popular locations so early viewing is advisable.

If education is a requirement we would normally pre-schedule appointments at suitable schools with the Principal and/or Head of Year relevant to each child.

Accompanied visits can be extended if required, although we usually find that the assignees prefer to explore on their own after the "official" orientation days.



Radstones research both state and private schools in the destination neighbourhood, advising on student achievement levels, staffing ratios, fee structure and extracurricular activities and assemble a report with recommendations.

In certain countries there are strict catchment criteria for schools. At Radstones one of our relocation consultants would advise on which streets assignees may need to live on for their children to be eligible to attend


For younger children we research the availability of crèches, kindergartens and infant schools, again preparing a report that details facilities, staffing levels, fee structure and any performance reports.

​For further or higher education, and subject to each family member's needs, we take a brief and then research suitable providers including universities, colleges, technical colleges, vocational training and courses along with voluntary work, both locally and further afield, producing a report detailing potentially suitable options.

​Usually during the Orientation visit, we will pre-schedule appointments at suitable schools with the Principal and/or Head of Year relevant to each child.



Understanding a relocating client’s basic living costs is a critical part of every relocation.

Property costs, rent levels, food prices, local taxes, utility prices etc all vary from country to country and even region to region and employees must not feel penalised because of their move.

Using a selection of services and products that includes necessities as well as luxuries, we are able to create direct cost of living comparisons between the employee’s home location and their destination town or city.
As a minimum your Radstones relocation consultant will include:

​Utilities, food, local taxes, property rental and purchase prices, public transport, state and national taxes, internet and broadband, cell phones as well as eating out, clothing and schooling.

​​This Cost of Living Comparison Report is initially sent to you so that a relocation package can be created  that ensures you are able to maintain your current lifestyle. 




Pet relocation can be a tricky business. The majority of countries have strict regulations to minimise the risk of spreading disease such as Rabies, screwworm, Foot-and-Mouth and TB plus the spread of infestations.

Certain regions and countries encourage the use of Pet Passports for domestic pets that generally means the pet does not have to stay in quarantine at the destination port or airport, but can join its family straight away.

Importing horses into the USA will involve mandatory quarantine at one of a limited number of specialist holding units. The regulations are quite complex, for instance, horses and other equines imported into the United States from countries affected with screwworm or Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) must undergo 7-day quarantine on arrival in the U.S.




 Radstones work alongside a number of renowned and established international shippers. We provide a specification for shippers to quote against including a collection and delivery timetable and usually obtain three separate quotations for each relocation as services can vary in terms of packing - shipping - unpacking.

The majority of overseas relocations will include sea freight for the bulk of the assignees possessions. With transit through customs, and then land transportation to the destination are taken into account the transit time may be up to six weeks. 

Because of the transit time issues we usually provide one of two solutions, either temporary, furnished accommodation (Often called Corporate Housing or Serviced Accommodation) on a week-by-week basis, or a rental furniture package at the assignees new home, again, supplied week-by-week.

There are occasions when the relocating assignee decides to rent out their home including the furniture during their assignment (usually during a short, fixed term relocation, often of two years or less) as they plan to return to their home at the end of the assignment - under these circumstances we will arrange a longer term, cost efficient furniture rental package that can include appliances as well.


More accurately called Cross Cultural Training, it is vital to pre-equip relocating clients with the tools they need to survive and thrive in their new location.

Our relocation consultants work alongside carefully chosen specialists to provide the necessary training as well as supplying information sheets that highlight basic cultural and language data. 

The relocatee will develop the intercultural expertise necessary to succeed in a global marketplace.

​Starting with simple basics, training through a mix on one-to-one sessions and remote learning leads to an understanding of the cultural differences and similarities, business etiquette, dining etiquette, public holidays and the reasons behind them and many more "differences" from country to country, even often overlooked ones such as keyboard layout.



During the pre-move discussions with your relocation consultant we will note broad background information about you and your family members general medical requirements in terms of doctors, dentist and complimentary practitioners. 

We do understand that sensitive medical information has to be dealt with strict confidentiality and we never ask about anything other than broad requirements. If any individual chooses to tell us more so that we understand their needs they can be assured that we will not discuss any details with anyone other than on an authorised need-to-know basis. We agree and sign confidentiality clauses if asked to do so. (This is also covered in Radstones Client Confidentiality Agreement that we agree with all Clients).

​Once we understand the needs of the family we will research and contact suitable practitioners and report back with our findings and recommendations. 




Corporate housing is commonplace in the US and Canada and a growing trend in other countries (often called Serviced Accommodation in the UK).

A preferred alternative to the usual hotel room, corporate housing is usually a one or two bedroom fully furnished apartment that can be rented from a few days upwards. 

Having the additional space and facilities allows an executive to relax whilst working, it provides somewhere they can hold meetings and entertain prospective customers and ​​interview new employees which all lead to being more productive. 

Rental prices are similar to hotel bedrooms, yet you get a full kitchen, appliances, full size dining table, desk and work area as well as a lounge with TV and a separate bedroom that usually has an en-suite bathroom.

​Radstones long term association with corporate housing agencies means we are usually able to negotiate preferential rates for our Clients.


In order to be tax efficient and monitor the total ‘Spend vs. Budget’, Radstones can manage, collect, advise payment and track all costs throughout the relocation process. We provide monthly (or quarterly if preferred) expense management reports based on individual cases or across an entire portfolio of relocations, together with annual Tax reporting forms as necessary.