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Help all the way - and beyond!

Welcome, and thank you for enquiring about our services for Independent Clients. The majority of  Radstones Relocation Consultants have families of our own so they understand the pressures and stresses of relocating. Many began working for Radstones as they felt our own life experiences would enable us to help others with their moves. Whether you are looking for a home to purchase or rent, our Home Search Service will ensure that from the very first day there is someone around who can help. 

As soon as you have contacted us we will respond within 8 working hours, confirming we have received your enquiry and arranging a convenient time when we can discuss your relocation in detail. We usually do this by email or over the telephone although we are happy to meet with you if preferred. 

For your convenience, the Relocation Consultant appointed to work with you will usually live close to where you want to move. He or she knows the area and local customs, often speaks two or more languages and will work with you throughout your relocation so that you have constant and reliable contact at all times.

We are dedicated to providing the best service. Many people find that after we have been working with you for just a short while we become more like friends helping out - we can make sure there's food and drink in your new home when you arrive, perhaps even a bunch of flowers in the window. We endeavour to make your moving experience enjoyable for all members of your family, including any pets!


Subjects we normally discuss include:

  • Your proposed timetable

  • Type of property, price range, location, rental or purchase

  • Visas, work permits and Drivers Licences

  • Educational requirements for both children and adults

  • Cultural, ethnic and lifestyle needs

  • Health matters (Doctors, Dentists)

  • Pets and Quarantine issues

  • Removals – what to bring, or not!

  • Banking facilities

  • Trailing partner employment​

  • Surveys and valuations

  • Financial options (Mortgages, deposits, loans, taxes, moving money abroad)

  • Legal and contractual issues


Our clients are our number one priority, and our services prove just how committed we are to their success. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how we can make your property purchase a reality.


  • Introduction to purchasing property

  • What to expect from Realtors/Estate Agents

  • Negotiating the purchase price

  • Surveys and valuations

  • Financial options (Mortgages, deposits, loans, taxes)

  • Legal and contractual issues


A Comprehensive Approach

Radstones services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact us to find out how we can help today with rentals which includes advice on:

  • Introduction to the local rental system

  • Letting/Managing Agents

  • Rental terms, pricing.

  • What you do and don’t get for the rent!

  • Financial terms, deposits

  • Legal and contractual issues


Expert Guidance

What we aim to do is create a property profile, a sort of home wish list, and then we find it for you. We undertake far reaching searches in the area of your choice, inspecting properties and then presenting you with our report that includes photographs & descriptions and objective comments regarding condition and location, on a selection of those that most closely match your property profile.

We ask you to shortlist perhaps three - five properties that we then normally view with you so that you may make a final decision. Unless you prefer to do so yourself, we will negotiate the best purchase or rental price with the agent within the parameters you have set, reporting the outcome to you as soon as possible. If you are unable to visit your new location prior to moving we can arrange everything on your behalf.

We usually try to arrange for all the viewings to be completed in one day as we realise your time is precious and you may be making a special overseas trip. However, we are happy to extend the viewing time if this suits you needs.

Where you need other services such as lawyers, mortgage providers, surveyors or removal contractors we are usually able to introduce you to cost effective and professional practitioners who can be relied upon.

Once a price has been agreed, Radstones carefully monitor progress, reporting back to you (and, if your employer is involved, their HR department). With your authorisation, we constantly check with lawyers and agents, ensuring as much as possible that any problems are resolved and kept to a minimum.

Contractual negotiations in a foreign country can be very frustrating and costly if you don’t know the local system, particularly if you are back home and trying to negotiate from thousands of miles away!

Radstones, as part of their standard service provide the following:


Purchase Contracts

  • Assist and advise on what the contract ‘really means’

  • Surveys and valuations and interpreting them

  • Payment of deposits and final funds

  • Contractual completion

Rental Contracts and Agreements

  • Completing applications

  • Understanding the rental contract/agreement

  • Payment of security deposits and rent

  • Approving Inventories

Your relocation consultant will arrange for the connection of all utilities and services (electricity, gas, water and sewerage) including meter readings when relevant. We are sometimes unable to arrange telephone connection dependent upon local practices, but will advise you of how to proceed well in advance of your moving day.

For both purchasers and renters we will meet you at your new home on the move-in day to ensure that you receive the keys. We’ll walk through the property with you, making sure you understand how everything works and checking safety precautions and systems.

At rental properties, if the landlord or agent has prepared an inventory we will check the property against it, making sure it is accurate and that all existing damage is recorded so you do not risk being penalised when you leave.
For the first couple of weeks after you move in we are happy to help if you have any problems, questions or concerns. This service can be extended on a formal basis, please see our Special Services section for further information.