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Frequently asked questions to our relocation company

During these difficult times due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we want to reassure our Clients that we are continuing to provide our full range of global relocation services. Our team members are mostly working from home rather than being in the office so our responses may be slightly delayed at times. Please bear with us as we continue to make sure our customers and employees remain safe, thank you.

                                                                                                                           Steve Holden - Managing Director

Radstones is a professional relocation and mobility services company that helps its Clients understand and successfully manage employee relocation and mobility to and from New York, Boston, the eastern seaboard and the whole of the US.  In collaboration with our Clients we deliver practical solutions at strategic, tactical and operational levels on a global scale. 

Initially established to manage relocation services, Radstones has evolved to also become a highly  respected, discrete and time critical support system for business leaders, media and sports stars, entrepreneurs, politicians, company owners and senior executives.

We listen, consult, advise and are highly motivated to achieve the desired results built around our clients’ needs in the most effective and timely manner.
We continue to provide full end-to-end relocation management as an integral part of our lifestyle support system for both Corporate Clients and Independent Movers

Radstones is all the lifestyle support service you need. We pride ourselves on operating quietly in the background ensuring your life/work balance continues without interruption - simple, organised, straightforward and essential.

How much will it cost me to live in New York after relocating?

New York is an expensive city to live in, our relocation cost of living services we can give you comparisons to help you work out the costs involved before your move.

What is involved in getting an American visa?

It’s quite complicated as there are over 180 types of US visa, but don't worry, our HR relocation service handles everything for you.

How would your relocation company services work alongside my HR Department?

We are specialists in supporting HR services globally. With our Worldwide connections and experienced teams, we find instant relocation solutions in any situation.

I'm concerned about finding the best schools for my children

You really don't need to concern yourself; we know all about the schools in the area you are relocating to and your regional relocation specialist will assist in locating the most suitable.

We have a pet and really don't want to leave it behind when we relocate, what do we do?

Not a problem. As part of our  service we successfully relocate pets every year so understand the stresses involved for both pets and their owners and handle  the relocation of your pet with as much care and consideration as any other member of the family.

How do I find packers and shippers for my relocation?

There are many shipping companies to choose from which is why, as part of our relocation service, we provide three competitive quotes from reputable shippers for you.

I’m downsizing my office to smaller premises, can Radstones arrange everything?

As part of our relocation service we have access to commercial lease specialists who deal with ensuring all legal requirements are met. This can include advice on surrender or forfeiture of commercial leases if need be. We also can find more suitable premises to operate from and provide practical solutions for the new working structures.