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​Radstones group move programme has been specifically designed for multiple employee relocations. ​Moving a large group of employees between locations is a business-critical decision; poor implementation of a group move can have a rapid and disastrous effect on a business. Radstones has a wealth of experience in coordinating, assisting and managing group moves for corporations across a broad range of industry sectors.

After initial consultations with HR and senior management we work with each Client to formulate the group move timetable, and also identifying potential issues. This is all aimed at minimising staff losses and disruption to the ongoing business. From the outset, our experienced team will develop a comprehensive plan that includes realistic estimates of the cost of the move and the anticipated timescale to execute it.  Our experienced Relocation Consultants can advise on the details of the assistance packages that may be offered to your employees.

We have found that the most effective way to then launch the move is to hold either one, or a series of presentation workshops at which we introduce the idea, walking each team or group of employees through the stages involved. Each person leaves with a presentation binder that reviews the presentation and explains what happens going forward.
Our group move team provide cost effective solutions and innovative approaches to the movement of employees including pre-move cost budgeting, consolidated movement planning, and storage staging processes.

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