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Using your Lump Sum payment wisely

So, your employer has asked you to relocate to a new city, or even a new country and has given you a Lump Sum payment to cover some of the costs, then left it up to you to make the decisions about moving. Which is great, as you get to control every aspect of your relocation, making all the important choices yourself and not having to trust someone in HR (who really doesn't know you very well anyway!) to make life decisions on your behalf.

However, a quick analysis of what costs are involved in your relocation rapidly shows that the cash from your employer will not cover everything - so you need to make some fast decisions about which are the most pressing factors that you need to spend out on.

So what do you do?

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Actually, its really very simple - just contact us here at Radstones - we have a specialist team that's dedicated to working with transferees that have been paid a lump sum by their employer. The best thing is that we don't usually charge you anything (there are a few minor exceptions) and because of our enormous buying power and ongoing relationships with our third party suppliers we can usually get you the services you need far more cost effectively than if you went directly.

How can we do this for free?

Okay, we have to make sure you understand everything we do for you is 'above board', you'll get the same quality and range of services through us that you'd get by going direct, (and it's usually cheaper through us!) its just that we are paid an introductory commission by the service provider to introduce you to them. They don't increase what they charge you to cover this, they just make a smaller profit and you get professional mobility management services for free - simple!

We cover all relocation and mobility services including Home Search, shipping & packing, pet relocation, partner support, school search, area orientation and many more. Contact us today to find out more.