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Corporate Level Services

Our Customer Service is all about exceeding your expectations - every time! We are independent, objective, professional and highly qualified to identify and understand your corporate relocation and mobility needs and act at the speed you require.

We provide you and your employees with a single point of contact and control, simplifying each step of the way and ultimately assuring you receive the best quality and value service for your money.


. . service you've had the right to expect since 2001

Saving you time, and your company money

We don't shoe horn our Clients into a set menu of service offerings. Instead we work with them to understand their situation and requirements before agreeing a cost effective and sustainable solution.

Please review our services below. If there is something else you need, please let us know.

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Why Radstones?

Radstones aim is to:

  • Provide a hands-on, team based approach for relocations
  • Extend your HR team with our highly skilled professionals.
  • Outsource the relocation operation as a complete process management responsibility.
  • Ensure the preservation of the transferees' lifestyles.
  • Minimize corporate and individual tax liabilities and costs.
Each and every relocation is unique which is why we take a great deal of time and care in establishing the needs of everyone involved. Every employee and their family members have their own priorities, concerns and stressees no matter how experienced they are at relocating. Our role is to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a seamless transition with business and family life continuing without interruptions. Radstones operates a global network of Client Managers who work locally with your employees and their families from start to beyond finish ensuring continuity when and where it is most needed. We are committed to providing our Clients with the service they expect and demand. Each of our Client Managers is trained in the skills needed to fully support your employees. Unlike other companies that tend to operate remotely from a Head Office, our people usually live locally to where your staff are moving to and from. They know and understand the local system and the area, the schools, the restaurants, reliable service providers, the doctors, dentists and banks and will arrange introductions to the ones whose services are the best fit. Radstones has developed an enviable supplier chain of carefully vetted third party companies and contractors that have proved they can be trusted to deliver the services and products we demand for our Clients. This enables us to introduce and manage reliable lawyers, freight companes, trust and title agents, insurers, mortgage brokers and valuers/surveyors - and frequently at fee levels generally below market rates. Our sole function is to provide corporate relocation solutions that are designed to reduce fuss and disruption to the lowest possible levels, ensuring a seamless transfer between locations. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for more information, or call one of the numbers on our contact page.

Relocation Policy Audit

The key to our Clients relocation successes is our understanding of the issues that drive their needs, and then providing them with bespoke solutions supported by great service. If there is an existing Relocation Policy we will undertake a Relocation Policy Audit. Typically analysing 19 key areas of relocation, each is sub-categorised resulting in more than 100 individual topics. The many facets of each Clients existing Relocation/Mobility Management policies are thoroughly discussed with HR personnel, senior management and relocating employees. This enables us to prepare a comprehensive report focusing on the way forward. At its most basic level this will help identify where processes can be improved and cost savings made. Ultimately we will then be able to work with each Client to develop internal policies and strategies that are comprehensive and transparant. Our Audit identifies if existing policies fail to comply with both local and destination legislation, highlighting changes that are needed. Audit outcomes are highly varied and specific to the nature and needs of an organisation. An oursourced decision is frequently the right one for many organisations although we may advise a partial split if it benefits the corporation and the assignees. Sometimes it is better to keep relocation support "in-house" whilst using us to manage the third party services and processes. Please ask for a copy of our Relocation Policy Audit pack.

Relocation Policy Development

Why have a Relocation Policy? Simply, it means that all employees are treated with the same respect and support when they need to relocate and that they understand what resources are available to them. It also means that by working with us, the employee devotes the majority of their working day doing the job they're paid to do and not spending hours and days researching their destination location! Employment law differs bastly from country to country. Something that is allowed in the UK may not be in France or China - itt is vital that a relocating employee arrives complying with local law from the start. A Relocation Policy should address these, and many other topics:

  • What expenses should you pay?
  • Do you have a policy on salary parity?
  • What about partner and child assistance?
  • Should you recompense the employee for the "forced" sale of their vehicle/s
  • What do you do if vehicles cost less where the employee is relocating to?
  • Who pays for a rental property, the corporation or the employee?
  • Tax, pensions and health insurance - who pays, you or the employee?
  • What happens when repatriation is due?
A fully developed Relocation Policy answers these and many other questions you probably haven't even thought about. Contact us to initiate an informal discussion following which we will be able to prepare a program development schedule, implementation procedue and Policy Manual.

Group Move Management

Radstones Group Move Program has been specifically developed to accommodate multiple employee relocations. Moving a large number of employees between locations is a business-critical decision, poor implication of a group move can have a rapid and disasterous impact on a business. Radstones has a wealth of experience in coordinating, assisting and managing group moves for corporations across a broad range of industry sectors. After initial consultations with HR and senior management we work with each Client to formulate the group move timetable, identifying potential bottlenecks and problems. This is all aimed at minimising staff losses and disruption to the ongoing business. From the start our experienced team will develop a comprehensive plan that includes realistic cost estimates and assess the timescale required to implement it. Our experienced Relocation Consultants can advise on the details of the assistance packages most suitable to each of your employees. We have found that the most effective method to implement the program and launch the move is to hold a series of presentations/seminars during which we introduce the idea, walking each team or group of employees through the stages involved. Each person leaves with a binder that reviews the presentation and explains what happens going forward. Our group move teams provide cost effect solutions and innovative approaches to the movement of employees including move cost budgeting, consolidated movement planning and storage staging processes. Please contact us for more information

Supply Chain Management

Radstones has built an enviable supplier chain of carefully vetted third party companies that have proved they can be trusted to deliver the services and products we expect for our Clients. Because we only work with suppliers that conform to our quality control system and are signed up to our ongoing Supplier Development and Appraisal Program, our Clients are assured of the best possible service. This enables us to introduce reliable lawyers, freight companies, trust and title agents, mortgage providers, property managers, valuers/surveyors and real estate brokers. Radstones actively manages its supplier chain. We strive to work with companies and individuals that respect and care for their employees and the environment and are prepared to endorse our positive and pro-active approach to the well being of others. Suppliers wishing to participate in our Supplier Program should initially complete our Supplier Registration Pack.

Expenses Management and Reporting

One area that causes major headaches for many corporations is the management, reconciliation and payment of employee expenses. To alleviate this Radstones can manage relocating employee expenses in accordance with the employers policies. For guidance, our existing procedure is to collate and pre-approve each persons monthly expenses in accordance with their employers expenses management structure submitting a fully detailed analysis supported by receipts and invoices. Radstones are happy to reimburse authorized expense claims directly to the assignee on behalf of the employer through our audited Client bank account. We would however normally recommend that payment is made directly through payroll as this is likely to be the most cost and time efficient method. Our expense report can be modified to meet each Clients specific reporting and analysis structure. Please email or call us for more information.

Guaranteed Property Purchase

The most important aspect of relocating an employee from the employers point is to have them in place and operational inside the required timescale. If the employees move includes selling their current property and purchasing one in the new location there are numerous problems involved if they are left to make and manage the arrangements themsevles. These include time spent managing the process and not devoting full time attention to their job, and funding problems if waiting to see the old home to purchase a new one. Radstones alleviate all of the associated problems by taking over the selling process from the assignee. We obtain at least three valuations on the property, then allowing for potential purchaser price negotiating, provide a fair sales valyuation figure - the employer then usually finances this amount to the employee so they can immediatly purchase in their new location. We fully manage the property sale, instructing a selling agent and lawyer and also ensuring the property is maintained and kept clean. Once a sale is agreed and completed, we fully account to the employer, refund their outlay from the sales proceeds. If they exceed the amount the employer funded to the employee the balance is forwarded to the employee. As an additional aspect, we will recommend and implement/manage any redecorating and staging needed to maximize the sale price and selling opportunities. Please ask us about this service today.

Lump Sum Payments - a word of caution!

Providing your employees with a lump sum payment to facilitiate their relocation sounds like a quick and easy fix - they get on with their move and you have no stresses. But providing a lump sum rather than offering them assistance through Radstones can be surprisingly expensive - in terms of hidden costs, employee stress and lost productivity. Lump sum payments are used for may reasons, taking pressure of HR personnel and also allowing the employee a degree of control over how their relocation is managed. But, if you treat this as an investment opportunity it is easy to determine that outsourcing to Rastones will actually enhance everyone's experience and most importantly, have a positive not negative effect on the transferree's productivity and state of mind! Working on accepted principles, we find that: Job Value - The real cost of an employee, derived from the benefits they bring to the company, their support network etc is calculated to be at least three times the direct employment costs (salary, taxes and benefits). Factoring in the lost productivity as well increases the costs closer to four and a half times salary. Hourly cost - Therefore, every hour the employee spends managing their own relocation will cost the company at least 4.5 times the job value. Efficiency - Factoring in the time spent waiting on the phone for an automated system to put you through, travel, web searches, learning then dealing with new and different tasks such as visa applications, rental agreements, bank account, finding a new home, rental agreements, drivers licences, vehicle insurance, health services etc increases time spent (for "spent" read "wasted"!) by a minimum of 50% for simple tasks, and up to 200% for more complex ones. Many tasks that are considered to be simple in the home territory become complex as lack of knowledge complicates and slows down processes. Think about driving in a new city in a new country:

  • Can you use your current drivers licence?
  • Do you need to take a new test?
  • Is your driving record valid?
  • What new paperwork will you need?
  • How do you arrange vehicle insurance?
  • Can you apply in advance?
  • Do you need to take medical and sight tests?
  • Do you have to report certain conditions and illnesses?
  • Do you need a local social security number?
Without Radstones local knowledge it is easy to see how long it would take to find out about and organise any aspect of relocating successfully. Assuming a relocating employee earns $120,000 (About £90,000) per year and it takes them just four hours to establish the driving criteria (it will take them longer), the real cost to the company based on job value is actually about $1,070 (£830). If we expand this into three full weeks spent over a couple of months to deal with all the aspects of the relocation the true cost including the lump sum payment (usually around $13,000 (£10,000)) escalates to about $42,500 (£33,000). . . . . . and then there are the tax issues and lost sales revenue! You will be delighted to know that Radstones fees for a full "end to end" relocation including expense and tax management are considerably lower (Often less than a quarter of the above figure) and your employee remains productive throughout. Please ask us for more information:

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